Why choose us?

The Professorial Advisory Center of the Educational Institution “Grodno State Medical University” renders on a highly professional level a wide range of commercial medical services requested.

Our Medical center is the leader in the field of qualified medical examination provided with use of all modern equipment and by the medical professionals qualified enough to take full advantage of all facilities of the Centre. The use of high-tech diagnostic techniques and high quality medical accessories allows to obtain prompt high value clinical results.

Consulting assistance of the medical center is based on a system of completely new approaches successfully implemented both in our country and abroad. You can choose the required medical service among 32 available, as well as to address one of the consulting clinicians of over 20 professors and 80 associate professors.

Our medical center has been established as an integrating complex designed to provide diagnostics, treatment and prevention of various diseases at your convenience and reasonable price, no waiting in line even for the most popular medical services.